Alberto Mateo, Fine Art Photographer.

During many years my work has taken me to visit many countries to make the pictures you can see in this web site. I’ve hiked in different ranges and visited cities all around the world to capture the majestic beauty of old cultures in Asia, the impressive shapes of the mountains in the Himalaya and the Alps, and the monumental views of different cities in Europe and North America. 

 It is sometimes the look of a small child you may find in an old Temple in Kathmandu, or maybe a very special quality of light that lights softly the sharp shapes of the vertical walls of Cerro Torre. Sometimes it is a unique moment I have not prepared (I am just there waiting for something to happen), sometimes it is a picture I have previewed in my mind and go there to look for it, to wait for it to happen, but the picture is always the result of a special moment I was looking for, the moment that resumes an action or represents the essence of a landscape. It is my intention that each and every photograph you see in this web site certainly tells a story.


In my honest opinion, beauty can be found anywhere on Earth. No matter if you are hiking a trail in the Himalayas among all those 7000 and 8000 meter peaks, lost in the chaotic traffic in the overcrowded streets in Delhi or Hanoi or under the palm trees of Balboa Park in San Diego. If you take time to wait for the moment and for the light that defines the scene you’ll get THE picture.

It is an honor to share these experiences with my collectors who have made my artwork a part of their lives…

After any trip I always go back home to create the final print. Although I began many years ago with an enlarger printing my pictures by traditional mediums, it is the digital era that has brought CONTROL to photography. As Ansel Adams states in his books, the Control of tonal Values, in color or black and white photography. I use digital mediums to print my pictures as it is the most powerful option I have ever had to express what I feel in a determined moment.

Each image I offer as a fine art print has been meticulously selected from thousands of scenes. It is an honor to share these experiences with my collectors who have made my artwork a part of their lives…

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I hope you enjoy the experience! Alberto.