"So many beautiful photographs out there and one that really caught my eye is the photo of baobabs by Alberto Mateo. I contacted them and ordering was a breeze. The package arrived sooner than I expected and even got a follow-up on the order. I ordered a large copy and the print is beautiful. Love the quality of the print and it was exactly like how i saw it on the website. My overall experience is super great, from service to quality. Most of all, I have a very beautiful photo, one I have looked for all these years! I will surely order again." 

G.A.B.C., Houston, Texas

All Prints in this web site are available either as

a) Handsigned & Numbered Exclusive Limited Edition Prints, each one sold with a COA (Certify of Authenticity). No more than 64 pictures+ 4 Artist Proofs signed and numbered prints of each piece, (including all sizes combined) will ever be produced of each photograph. This will give a higher value to your investment if you decide to sell it in the future.

b) Unlimited Edition (no COA is included in this type of print). All the prints asked by clients and collectors will be produced, and the image can be seen anywhere in the web as these images are also available for download with licensed rights for editorial and web uses.
The quality of the print is the same, all are printed by hand using the finest quality paper by Alberto Mateo personally. The differences are the quantity of prints I make of each picture and the COA, which is only included in the Limited Edition prints.

c) Artist's Proof. These are special prints that Alberto reserves for himslef. Four will ever be produced of each picture. They will be signed with the letters "AP" and numbered from 1 to 4. They can be different from Limited Edition Prints and can also be personalized if a client ask for it (contact us for further information). Artist Proofs are usually priced twice as much.

We use a Progressive Pricing System. The first 12 prints are available with a fixed price specified in the Shopping Chart of the web site. After the first 12 prints are sold, the price automatically goes up. Thereafter every 12 prints sold until it reaches the number of 60. Using this system the sooner you purchase a print, the cheaper your copy will be.
When the last print is sold, it will be marked in the Web Site Gallery as SOLD OUT. Once all the prints for a series are acquired, a print becomes "Sold Out" and it will not be possible to purchase it directly via our online store. Were you interested in our "Sold Out" photographs, contact us as we may put you in contact with a gallery that has it on stock.




PAPER All the "Print-Only" orders are now printed on Premium High-End luxurious gloss paper resulting in incredibly vibrant colors and extreme tonal richness. Alberto Mateo enjoys the capacity of these new papers to produce his high quality colorful work.
The choice of paper is dictated by the full dynamics and gamut of colors that the paper is able to transmit. He will always strive to create the highest-quality prints possible, and produce artwork that will decorate your soul for many years hanged in the walls of your home.

All Prints are will arrive in a durable high quality environmental friendly tube. A pair of cotton gloves are included in the package for proper handling of the copy. We highly recommend that you wear the gloves if you need to handle the art for any reason.

Warning: The prints are very fragile and fingerprints can ruin your print, hence we recommend that you do not handle the print yourself unless you’re wearing the cotton gloves included. The High-Quality gloss paper can crease or get scratched easily especially when printed in large format, so please take care. 


Fine Art Acrylic-Glass Face Mounting 
Alberto highly recommends this method of framing as it greatly enhances the tonal richness, contrast and saturation creating a finely crafted masterpiece.

Face mounting consists on bonding the front of the print to the reverse of a high gloss acrylic sheet. This raises image quality, with a vibrant clarity of colors, deeper darker black tones and an improved contrast.

Having a face mounted image carefully matted and framed results in the Ultimate Piece of Art that will definitely be the center of attention in any house, office or gallery.

Warning: Acrylic-glass mounted prints are susceptible to scratches. Extra care needs to be taken in handling and cleaning the print. Every print purchased with this method will be supplied with a pair of cotton gloves and an anti-static micro fiber towel.


We prefer not to offer framing due to shipping complications. We strongly believe that this final step should be taken seriously by a professional framer to get the best materials and craft that will increase both the value and enhances your investment.
In addition, we recommend that you use Archival - Acid free materials to protect the copy for many years to come if the print is going to be archived.


You can browse through all the pieces currently available. When you click the “Add to Cart” button a floating screen appears when you can choose to download a licensed print for editorial or web use, or buy a fine print in different sizes.

You can always send us an email for further enquiries.

If you need a special size, panorama or gigantography don’t hesitate to contact us to check what sizes are available.

Maximum sizes vary depending on original file size.
Prices are variable. It may vary depending on Edition, Size and how many copies have already been sold.
All face mounted prints are usually shipped out within 4-6 weeks. In the event that we are unable to ship your order within these timeframes, you will be notified of the expected ship date and offered a refund if you choose not to wait. Face mounted orders are packaged securely and shipped in fine-art boxes.



All images marked as Unlimited Editions are also available for download for Commercial or Editorial use. Just select it the size you need, choose a license, pay using Paypal and download directly to your computer. There are a handful of licenses for different uses. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us as there are many more images in our database.


They are presently only the 3 most popular sizes available via the shopping cart (30x45cm - 40x60cm - 60x90cm - 70x105cm) We also offer custom sizing on nearly all of our pieces. Please contact Alberto at info@albertomateo.com and tell us about your needs.
Real image sizes can vary due to the aspect ratio of each image.
You will be contacted to approve the purchase if a change in the size or aspect ratio varied from the initially stated.


A series of pictures can also be bought. Any institution or individual that purchases more than 8 prints will get a discount. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@albertomateo.com for further information.


Every Limited Edition Print purchased will come with a personally signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity [see image]).
A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is an official document that certifies the authenticity of the print and is handsigned by the Author. These details include:

- Name of Artwork
- Location
- Date of Capture (Month and Year)
- Details on where signature of the artist is located on the artwork itself
- Print Size

They are signed and numbered exactly like the Fine Art Print by the artist himself. The COA also bears the Golden Embossed Seal of Alberto Mateo Photography.


For deliveries inside Spain I have to charge a 21% IVA (VAT). There are no taxes for orders sent to the United States, European Union or to any other International Address.


We are absolutely sure that you’re going to enjoy your print for many years, so we offer a full "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy on all prints sold.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it undamaged within a week of receipt. We will inspect that the print is in perfect state and will refund what you paid for it discounting return postage.
In case the copy arrives damaged contact us by email and send us some photographs of the damaged packaging. We will inspect the images and ask you to send the photograph back to us so that we can replace it at no charge as soon as possible.


All images have been taken with the highest quality digital cameras and lenses on different locations. All the images have been “printed” digitally personally by Alberto Mateo and the prints have been produced using the highest quality papers and processes in the market.