Check Point Charlie, Berlin, Germany.

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  • Glance, Check Point Charlie, Berlin, Germany.

Check Point Charlie, Berlin, Germany.

Sold out

Buy Limited Edition, Handsigned & Certified Fine Art Print by Alberto Mateo.

  • TITLE: Glance near Check Point Charlie, Berlin, Germany.
  • EDITION TYPE: Only for Portfolio Review. NOT FOR SALE.

Additional Notes

Drag the image on the left to check out the views of the image hanged in an office and a living room and texture details at 50% and 100%.
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About the Author

Alberto Mateo is Engineer, Photographer and Social Media Influencer. He works as editorial and advertising photographer for different media and advertising agencies all around Europe. He travels to remote destinations and then postproduces himself the prints he sells at his web site. He is also Pinterest Influencer (350.000+) and blogger for his own blog "The Last Footprint".